If you have an event management business, then you won’t get a better place to advertise your business than on Making Space. Here is your opportunity to reach your target audiences by advertising in our magazine.

We offer various cost-effective solutions to our clients, and you can choose one or more advertising options to promote your business.

Banner ads

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Banner advertising is the most popular form of promoting your business. If you can write the proper message and make the ad attractive, then lots of prospective customers will click on your ad and get directed to your site.

You will get lots of leads, and this will increase your chance o converting the leads to real customers.

Paid reviews

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In a service-oriented business, reviews play an important role. When customers want to make use of a service, they will read reviews and testimonials to know about the experience of others.

We can write good reviews of your business so that target customers decide to pick your company for planning their events.

Social media ads

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We are very active on social media. We have lots of followers and fans on this platform. You can advertise on our social media pages and get more customers.

To learn more about our advertising options, please contact us. We will help you in every way possible. You can also book an appointment with our advertising team to discuss your needs.