Welcome to Making Space! This is your guide to curating and planning creative events. Nowadays people make a lot of effort to make any event memorable. No matter how big or small the event is, people want to make guests happy.

Whether it’s an office meeting or a wedding, arranging an event takes a lot of effort.

Planning and curating such an event require a lot of resources. Sometimes it may not be possible to arrange everything ourselves, so we hire event planners for the job. The event planning business is growing and many companies or customers prefer hiring an event planner to make the event flawless.

In this magazine, you will get tips on planning and curating an event. You will know how to get creative ideas and read examples of some of the best events that took place. You will learn how to create a lasting impression.

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You will also learn about the business aspect of event planning. If a company sponsors an event or takes the responsibility of planning it, then it creates a good brand image. A lot of guests attend an event, and they will recognize your brand.

In this magazine, you will know how to improve your brand image by hosting or planning these events.

People always want something different and interesting. So, event planners have to be very creative. At the same time, they need to manage the resources well so that there is no mismanagement.

This is a very resourceful magazine for those who have an interest in event planning. You will hear the stories of planning and managing events from expert event planners. You will get a lot of advice from the industry specialists that will help you to become a good planner.

If you subscribe to our magazine, you will also learn how to hire a good event planner and what factors to look for. After all, you don’ t want to waste your money by giving the responsibility to the wrong hands. We hope you will find this magazine very helpful. You can use our magazine as a reference when planning any special event.